DERP Technologies, LLC

"Bridging the Gap...between

Yesterday's Legacy Grid


Tomorrow's Smart Grid"

The American Electric Grid System has Challenges that Compromise our Economic Vitality, Government Continuity and Public Safety.  As electric utilities are closing and mothballing aging centralized fossil and nuclear-fueled generation plants, it's important to provide technologies and business models to enable a rapid, cost-effective and resilient bridge to a new electric power generation and distribution system.

​DERP TECH is Bridging this Widening Gap. 

Blackouts are on the rise and in many cases last longer.  They are extremely disruptive and expensive, to not only the Communities and Business directly impacted but also by Supply-Chain-dependent customers as well as the Electric Utilities themselves.  There are a variety of causes for this instability, including accidental or natural events, aging infrastructure. outdated regulatory and business models, and/or intentional damage.  The result is a less-resilient and insecure electrical infrastructure than we need for maintaining a productive and prosperous America.

Our HEP/DG Series of Power Controls and Generation Asset Protectors have the potential to:

1.  increase Grid Reliability

2.  provide a lower carbon-footprint for generation

3.  add low-cost spinning reserves

4.  optimize fuel-mix and supply in local distribution models.